Portal Knights - No sound Fix

Portal Knights no sound issue, sound problems ? The game has been released, and you were one of those who have bought Portal Knights but you can not enjoy the game because you have a problem with the sound? Then the easy way to fix this sound issue is to download and install this (directx).Then second thing to do is to update your sound / audio driver (learn here) and sound issue will be fixed after computer / laptop restart.

What to do if you have already latest sound driver installed and Portal Knights video game for windows have no sound yet ?

Secondary Fixes


No sound settings, no sound issue to fix / repair alternative methods / guides

OK, you can try another no sound / no audio fix guides :

Change Frequency and Increase or Decrease audio Quality Mode

 See Third No sound fix 

Portal Knights

Remember this ! All our guides are useless if your driver is outdated !!

You can follow this guide for : Windows 7 or Windows 8 all versions.

How to fix: No sound for Portal Knights

Portal Knights - Video Game for PC

 More Downloads or Fixes 

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Portal Knights

Portal Knights no sound fix

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